TorchStone Page Inc. combines TorchStone Global’s U.S. presence, executive team, and expertise in security management with Page Group’s global offices, more than 550 personnel, and extensive experience in complex environments. Our firm can trace its heritage back more than a decade to the strong strategic partnership—and the extensive working relationship—between Vance International and Page Protective Services. Focused on diplomatic security and training, as well as executive protection and due diligence, TorchStone Page provides comprehensive security services to governments, corporations, NGOs, and individuals.Security in the Age of Expeditionary Diplomacy: A TorchStone White Paper
TorchStone Page is a Founding Member of ICoC Association

TorchStone Page is proud to be a founding member of The International Code of Conduct Association for Private Security Service Providers. ICoCA is a Swiss government convened, multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to clarify international standards for—as well as improve accountability and oversight of—the private security industry operating in complex environments. The Association unites private security service providers, states, and civil society organizations. Five governments, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, are counted among the founding members.

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About TorchStone Global
Founded in 2010 by some of the United States’ most experienced leaders in executive and diplomatic security, New York City-based TorchStone Global is a discreet, strategic security advisory firm serving some of the world’s wealthiest organizations and individuals. TorchStone Global solves client concerns including personal, travel, cyber, intelligence, logistics, and technical. For more information, visit

About Page Group
Founded in 2009 by a merger between Page Protective Services Ltd. and EMCIIS Ltd., London-based Page Group advises, guides and protects corporations, government entities and high networth individuals globally in complex business environments, high-risk and hostile locations. Specializing in risk countries and emerging markets, Page Group also offers a spectrum of integrated risk management services within investigations, training and security. For more information, visit